Tuesday, March 24, 2009

National Board Certification

Recently Barack Obama discussed the value of National Board Certified Teachers. I am happy to see that he is supporting excellence in teaching. Having gone through the process of National Board certification I can attest to the impact it had on me. National Board certification is an intense and personal journey that many teachers have decided to embark upon. Those that achieve it feel empowered to better meet the needs of their students. So, just what is National Board certification anyway? Here are two links I suggest you visit to get further information on National Board certification -


National Board Council of New York

National Board website

I would like to offer support to you as you work toward your certification. I am available to answer questions you may have about the process. I also would love to network with other NBPTS teachers and candidates.


Lisa Heffner said...

I am a Reading Specialist in North Carolina. I am just beginning the National Boards process. I am nervous but anxious to get started. Do you have any ideas for one particular entry that involves integrating speaking, listening and viewing through an interdisciplinary lesson using technology? Any advise or suggestions would be much appreciated.

Jill said...

I just wondered if there was ever a response to Lisa's question about entry 3 with Listening, Speaking and Viewing. I am working on that today and was heading down the path of doing a rainforest unit where the kids are presenting their visual projects to the class using good speaking skills and the students in the audiance will have a rubric to score the presenter on their speaking skills and visual.
Thoughts? I feel as though I am very behind because I had surgery on my foot and have been on crutches for 7 weeks. I get off of them this week and hope to start taping 2 & 3 very soon.

gigi marasco said...

Hello. I am a reading specialist in NY and an NBCT, achieved 2008. I am certified in the area of Literacy: Reading and Language Arts. My advice to you is to make sure you go through all the bullets that you must address in your writing BEFORE you plan your lesson. For my lesson, I used a SmartBoard and presented a map skills lesson. The students had to view a map and give directions (speaker) to his/her partner (listener) on the SmartBoard. If you have a SmartBoard or access to it, (I had to "borrow" a teachers as I did not have one in my room) I highly recommend it. Also, make sure the person who is filming you focuses on the KIDS and show how they are learning from the lesson. But also make sure you are in the video for a shot, as that is required. Remember, it's about how the kids are learning. Good luck!

Alexandra said...

I have already turned in my entries and am now studying for the assessment exercises in EC: LRLA. Do you have any suggestions or recommended textbooks or websites for studying "interpreting visual text"?